1st DeepSouthPickin'Party (2002).

It is a first performance at hotel "TENKOUEN" of Higashiyoshino-village Nara. The admission fee was only a lunch charge.

Good To Blue

The 2nd time is also performed in Higashiyoshino.

Famous Banjo player Hiroshi-Yoshizaki and Jam.

The 3rd time -6th
It performs by ALBOL of Sakurai. (2004-2007)

The wooden halls are best fits as bluegrass.
Various performance was performed in Albol.

Chain Banjo

There were not only bluegrass but a country and the folk song duo.
The performance of Chain Banjo(Banjo tying in a row) began from this stage.
Ending Jam(2006)
It is the 5th guest
"Akagi Kazutaka&Friends"

Guitar-Kazutaka Akagi
Madlin-Junzo Tanimura
Dobro-Andore Sato
Bass-Shoji Tagawa

The 6th time is "Chris sharp Band"

Guitar-Chris sharp
Mandolin-David Long
Banjo-George Buckner
Bass-Kevin Kehrberg

It was set to one of the national tour.

The hall is changed from the 7th time. In the Nara social education center in Nara Katsuragi A guest band, the Chris sharp and the Sakura tour band.

Chris sharp−Giutar
Larry Perkins−Banjo
Tony Wilamson−Mandolin
Toshi Watanabe−Bass
The 8th time, guest
The Blugrass Exchange

Guitar- Maro Kawabata
Banjo-Smmy Shelor
Mandorin-Sin Akimoto
Bass-Andy Ball

A field stage is interrupted by a storm. Hurriedly, it changed into the indoor hall.
The 9th time(2010)

The 9th festival did not call a guest.
However,it rose by the performance of many bands.

This is "Sennichimae BluegrassAlbumband"
It is Shin-Akimoto's "Doya-Gao!" performance.
 The 10th 2011/4/23
The schedule of the 10th anniversary concert was changed. It held as a charity concert of a Tohoku district earthquake disaster.
Guest Backwoods Mountaineers.
   The 11th2012/4 / 21"Bluegrass Carnels" &"TriII"-Yoshizu & Kokubu -
It became gorgeous lineup.
 The 12th2013/4/20.
Tim Wetmiller of Fiddler which is traveling Japan from Seattle participated. It was a very good performance.
   The 13th2014/4/19.
WIC all stars participate in great numbers each time.
 The 14th2015/4/11.
Grass HoppersThe long-established store band of Wakayama which participates from the 1st time almost every year.
   The 15th2016/4/30.
Guest is "Yagitako" & "Instead of Net" . Viewing public increased in number.
 The 16th2017/4/29.
The long-established store band "Good To Blue" and "DSMB" of Nara are perfect attendance at this event. Inaba Brothers appearance.

SpecialBand"Inaba Brothers"
The 17th
DSPP OutDoor Fest! in Aohani Manten Hiroba


Guest Band"Yagitako"
Performer list Number of times
Deep South MT'Boys (
Jurassics (1.2)
Asuka Tennissees (
BlueGrass Always (1.2)
Lilys&Stars (
South Paking (1)
Phoenix Grass (1.3.10)
Yoshizu&Nakanishi (1)
Mituya-Gumi (1)
Hirai&Friends (1)
Country Beer (1)
Grass Hoppers (
BlueRidge Cabiners (1)
Good To Blue (
Daisy Hill (
Bottoms Up (
Wic All Stars (
Good To Lives (3.4.5)
Yoshimitu Oku (3)
Queen&Friends (3)
Side By Side (3.4)
Melody Makers (3)
Daibutiden (
Lassie (
Shio&Tama (5)
It's About A Time (5)
Rocky Okada&Bibibva2 (5)
Hanshin-Bluegrass (5.10)
Omoware (5)
Akagi Kzutaka(&Friends) (5.18)
Rilakku MT' Boys (
Bluegrass Time Sarvice (
NazonoOchan&Roman Grass (
Roman Grass (
Bluegrass journey (6)
Kentucky Sunny Village (6)
Jd-Hartford (6.7)
ChanBanjo (
Oppy Imatomi-Happy&Bluegrass (6.7)
Chris Sharp Band (6)
Grass Heart (7)
Pot Daisy (7.8)
Sennichimae-Bluegrass Albamband (7.9)
KentuckyGrass (7)
Gakuenmae-Bluegrass Boys (8)
HOLA (13.14)
Fiddlers' Gathering (8.13)
Hisae&Friends (8.9)
Izumi&Friends (8)
TheBluegrassExchange (8)
Phoenix Blue (9.10)
Kuro-Chan&New Harp (9)
Kuro-Yan&Fukubukuro (10)
Kuro-ChanClub (
Drink bar Special (11)
AlmostBGIM (12)
Country Ga Set (
Sonohi Grass (
New Phoenix Grass (9)
Asakura Candys (9)
Setsu&Kiyo (12.13.14)
TeruNakamura」&Sketts (15)
Tokitama (12.13)
Sanae&Tkitama (11.15.16)
INABA&Friends (11.14.15)
INABA Brothers (16)
GreenMountainTops (
The Golden Ring (13.14.15)
Hamonz (
Together (14)
JakaJaka Boys (10.11)
Aakaga Band (10)
Hillbilly Awsome (15.16)
Hisae&Friends (10.11)
Backwoods Mounteniares (10)
Scruggs Tribute (11)
Bluegrass kernels (11)
Tri U (11)
SongTrip (12)
Bluesville AC (12)
Mandolin Summit (12)
Kawamoto&Picnic (12)
Koga&Friends (14)
Tke-Chan&Friends (12)
Overdue (13)
Nora (13)
Almost Band (13)
Chain Guitar (14)
Grass Flavor (16.17.18)
Exclusive Knick-Knacks (16)
Instead of Net  (15)
Yamatogawa Brothers (15)
Yagitako (15.17.18)
YodoRiver Band (
Gokurakudo with Bluegrass pals (15.16.17.)
Akishino Colliery (16)
Swing Session  (16)
 Sunflower Singers  (17.18)
 Yamano Naoto  (18)
 Koga Melody  (18)
 SaltyFriends  (20)
 TokkoSanzu  (20)
 Anti Climber  (20)
 Cater Numata  (20)
 Route307  (20)
 Appalachian Trail  (20)


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