1st DeepSouthPickin'Party (2002).

It is a first performance at hotel "TENKOUEN" of Higashiyoshino-village Nara. The admission fee was only a lunch charge.

Good To Blue

The 2nd time is also performed in Higashiyoshino.

Famous Banjo player Hiroshi-Yoshizaki and Jam.

The 3rd time -6th
It performs by ALBOL of Sakurai. (2004-2007)

The wooden halls are best fits as bluegrass.
Various performance was performed in Albol.
Chain Banjo

There were not only bluegrass but a country and the folk song duo.
The performance of Chain Banjo(Banjo tying in a row) began from this stage.
Ending Jam(2006)
It is the 5th guest
"Akagi Kazutaka&Friends"

Guitar-Kazutaka Akagi
Madlin-Junzo Tanimura
Dobro-Andore Sato
Bass-Shoji Tagawa

The 6th time is "Chris sharp Band"

Guitar-Chris sharp
Mandolin-David Long
Banjo-George Buckner
Bass-Kevin Kehrberg

It was set to one of the national tour.

The hall is changed from the 7th time. In the Nara social education center in Nara Katsuragi A guest band, the Chris sharp and the Sakura tour band.

Chris sharp−Giutar
Larry Perkins−Banjo
Tony Wilamson−Mandolin
Toshi Watanabe−Bass
The 8th time, guest
The Blugrass Exchange

Guitar- Maro Kawabata
Banjo-Smmy Shelor
Mandorin-Sin Akimoto
Bass-Andy Ball

A field stage is interrupted by a storm. Hurriedly, it changed into the indoor hall.
The 9th time(2010)

The 9th festival did not call a guest.
However,it rose by the performance of many bands.

This is "Sennichimae BluegrassAlbumband"
It is Shin-Akimoto's "Doya-Gao!" performance.
 The 10th 2011/4/23
The schedule of the 10th anniversary concert was changed. It held as a charity concert of a Tohoku district earthquake disaster.
Guest Backwoods Mountaineers.
   The 11th2012/4 / 21"Bluegrass Carnels" &"TriII"-Yoshizu & Kokubu -
It became gorgeous lineup.
 The 12th2013/4/20.
Tim Wetmiller of Fiddler which is traveling Japan from Seattle participated. It was a very good performance.
   The 13th2014/4/19.
WIC all stars participate in great numbers each time.
 The 14th2015/4/11.
Grass HoppersThe long-established store band of Wakayama which participates from the 1st time almost every year.
   The 15th2016/4/30.
Guest is "Yagitako" & "Instead of Net" . Viewing public increased in number.
 The 16th2017/4/29.
The long-established store band "Good To Blue" and "DSMB" of Nara are perfect attendance at this event. Inaba Brothers appearance.
Performer list Number of times
Deep South MT'Boys (
Jurassics (1.2)
Asuka Tennissees (
BlueGrass Always (1.2)
Lilys&Stars (
South Paking (1)
Phoenix Grass (1.3.10)
Yoshizu&Nakanishi (1)
Mituya-Gumi (1)
Hirai&Friends (1)
Country Beer (1)
Grass Hoppers (
BlueRidge Cabiners (1)
Good To Blue (
Daisy Hill (
Bottoms Up (
Wic All Stars (
Good To Lives (3.4.5)
Yoshimitu Oku (3)
Queen&Friends (3)
Side By Side (3.4)
Melody Makers (3)
Daibutiden (
Lassie (
Shio&Tama (5)
It's About A Time (5)
Rocky Okada&Bibibva2 (5)
Hanshin-Bluegrass (5.10)
Omoware (5)
Akagi Kzutaka&Friends (5)
Rilakku MT' Boys (
Bluegrass Time Sarvice (
NazonoOchan&Roman Grass (
Roman Grass (
Bluegrass journey (6)
Kentucky Sunny Village (6)
Jd-Hartford (6.7)
ChanBanjo (
Oppy Imatomi-Happy&Bluegrass (6.7)
Chris Sharp Band (6)
Grass Heart (7)
Pot Daisy (7.8)
Sennichimae-Bluegrass Albamband (7.9)
KentuckyGrass (7)
Gakuenmae-Bluegrass Boys (8)
HOLA (13.14)
Fiddlers' Gathering (8.13)
Hisae&Friends (8.9)
Izumi&Friends (8)
TheBluegrassExchange (8)
Phoenix Blue (9.10)
Kuro-Chan&New Harp (9)
Kuro-Yan&Fukubukuro (10)
Kuri-ChanClub (
Drink bar Special (11)
AlmostBGIM (12)
Country Ga Set (
Sonohi Grass (
New Phoenix Grass (9)
Asakura Candys (9)
Setsu&Kiyo (12.13.14)
TeruNakamura」&Sketts (15)
Tokitama (12.13)
Sanae&Tkitama (11.15.16)
INABA&Friends (11.14.15)
INABA Brothers (16)
GreenMountainTops (
The Golden Ring (13.14.15)
Hamonz (
Together (14)
JakaJaka Boys (10.11)
Aakaga Band (10)
Hillbilly Awsome (15.16)
Hisae&Friends (10.11)
Backwoods Mounteniares (10)
Scruggs Tribute (11)
Bluegrass kernels (11)
Tri U (11)
SongTrip (12)
Bluesville AC (12)
Mandolin Summit (12)
Kawamoto&Picnic (12)
Koga&Friends (14)
Tke-Chan&Friends (12)
Overdue (13)
Nora (13)
Almost Band (13)
Chain Guitar (14)
Grass Flavor (16)
Exclusive Knick-Knacks (16)
Instead of Net  (15)
Yamatogawa Brothers (15)
Yagitako (15)
YodoRiver Band (16)
Gokurakudo with Bluegrass pals (15.16)
Akishino Colliery (16)
Swing Session  (16)


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